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Egg Tempera

This school year is almost over! Sadly, that means I only have a few more internship days left, so I've been scrambling to finish this master copy instead of writing my posts (sorry). I have been SO excited to learn how to make egg tempera paint. I think during a time where technology is separating us from the things in our lives, it's nice to get back to old ways of making. It was surprisingly easy? All you need is one egg, an ounce water, a few drops of white wine vinegar, and whatever pigment you want. The only part of the egg you want is the yolk, so like with cooking, you can separate the yolk out by cracking the egg shell in two halves and passing the yolk back and forth between the tw

Oil Gilding

Guys, I have great news! It doesn't matter that I suck at water gilding because there are actually two other kinds of gilding that I can turn to. They aren't as traditional, but let me tell you - they are WAY easier. I highly recommend these other methods if you're planning on doing a gilding project of your own. The one that I actually tried out this week was oil gilding. Oil gilding has to be done on a non-porous surface. Bole is very porous, but people still use it when oil gilding for it's color. So in order to make the bole less absorbent, a few layers of shellac must be added to the surface. Can we just take a moment to observe the wonders of shellac? I have no idea why it does this, b

You probably eat bugs on a regular basis.

I hate to break it to you, but you've been eating bugs your whole life. If you recognize any of the products above, you've probably ingested cochineal, a scale insect found on cacti. When female cochineal are crushed, they produce a blood red dye called carminic acid which is supposed to scare off predators. Different variations of the cochineal family have been exploited for their pigment for centuries, but none is as red as Mexican cochineal. After the Spanish conquered Mexico, cochineal became one of their most lucrative exports - only second to silver. Cochineal used to be used mainly to dye textiles and make paint, but now it is a common colorant in food and makeup. You'd think that wit

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