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At the Blue Line, each intern is assigned a project that they work on over the whole course of their internship. Because I'm blogging about my internship in order to get credit for school anyways, creating a gallery blog seemed like the perfect project for me. The blog will feature articles on current exhibitions and grants that we've secured as well as spotlights on our artists and patrons. Right now, I'm in the process of configuring the back end of our website to create a practical landing page as well as templates for different kinds of posts, but eventually I think I'll be writing a few articles? I'm a bit stressed about that part because I never really expected to be a legitimate blogg

England to Italy?

Some of you may be aware that I've been planning on studying abroad in England next Spring. The great news is that I got into the program! And wait for it... I'm not going? Yeah. So pretty much immediately after I was accepted to my school's England program, I sat down with my advisor to plan out my schedule for the following semester and we figured out that there is absolutely no way for me to go abroad in the Spring without missing several super important classes to complete my major. After much panic, I figured out that I will still be able to go abroad in the Fall of my Junior year if I apply to a program outside of Lewis and Clark. The robust study abroad was like maybe 30% of the reaso

How to foster lively nightlife

During the summer, it's hard to get people in the gallery for show openings. People are either traveling or drawn away by the free concert series that Downtown Roseville puts on right down the street. I gotta admit, I'm not salty about the concerts. I went with my boyfriend after the reception, and I gotta say, it was super fun. The Vernon Street town square is really the perfect spot for a community gathering. They have a full fledged stage, food trucks, plenty of grass for picnic blankets, and play area fountains for the kids to run around in on hot summer nights. And any event that helps to grow the emerging downtown nightlife scene helps us all. Free events mean more people in the commun

103 Degrees

Some days you get to meet really inspiring artists and some days you're stationed outside melting in the 100+ degree heat on the one day that you didn't think to put sunscreen on, awkwardly waving to strangers who are really not trying to look at art. Alas, I do it because I LOVE ART, guys. This job has really challenged me in terms of social interaction. I know I was a Girl Scout and all, but sometimes it feels like I'll never get used to approaching people on the street or even manning the front desk at the gallery. Last summer when I interned at the Blue, I did a lot more of that, but this year, I've been cozily tucked away in the office working on the computer, away from people whose nam

Small Gallery, Big Changes

The cool thing about working at a small nonprofit is that there is SO much room to grow. The Blue was born in 1966 under the title of Roseville Community Projects Incorporated. Through the efforts of board members, volunteers, and donors, the organization grew exponentially from its first exhibition at an old Bank of America. Eventually, they were able to buy the Haman House to house the Roseville Arts Center. Upon outgrowing that property, they moved to the current gallery space on Vernon Street. Somewhere along the way, they decided that "Roseville Community Projects Incorporated" wasn't a sexy name for an organization that was trying to promote a hip and happening art scene, so eventually

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