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Oh yeah this is why I came here

Ya gotta love receptions. We basically get PAID to throw a big party every month. Well I personally don't get paid, but yanno... everyone else does. And I get free food at least so like, still a good deal. This third Saturday was extra special because I got to quite literally take a walk in another intern's shoes. We have one intern who's in charge of the 3rd Saturday Art Walk (basically a walking tour of a bunch of businesses along Vernon Street that showcase artwork from Blue Line artists), but he was out today, so I handled social media for both the gallery and the art walk. Here's the map if you want to check out our businesses: Not gonna lie, it was

And *POOF* A New Show!

In school, you have to ask permission for everything. Can I go to the bathroom? Can I write my book report on this book? Am I allowed to work on homework right now? When it comes to the gallery, we can pretty much run with an idea as long as it's a good one and it doesn't cost a million dollars. It kind of amazes me how quickly an exhibition can come together. Sometimes our Co-Directors will be having a casual conversation about something like Netflix original horror movie, Velvet Buzzsaw, and then they just decide they want to do a fine art haunted house show, complete with a Halloween bash. (True story, guys.) For those of you who haven't seen it, the movie is about art world elites who ar

Wisdom Teeth

I used to have four wisdom teeth, but I let an oral surgeon rip them all out of my mouth on Tuesday, so I guess that means I am actually not very wise. Just kidding this was actually a great experience. Wasn't that a plot twist? This week, instead of going to work or doing homework or interacting with people, I got to stay home all day and binge-watch Netflix and eat copious amounts of ice cream and mashed potatoes. I did have to get minor surgery in order to justify it (and lemme tell you, I am NOT a fan of medical procedures), but it was kind of worth it? I've been so unable to relax lately for one reason or another - getting everything together to apply for my visa, doing Italian homework

How to Become Insta-Famous

I'm about to blow your mind. Money, fame, adoration - you can have it all if you learn the ways of the digital content calendar. What is this magical tool, you ask? A digital content calendar is a big spreadsheet where you organize your social media posts. There, you plan what you're going to post about in the future, track whether or not you've created the content or not, and schedule when to post. And okay yes, at first glance, spreadsheets seem like a kind of sad and inorganic way to run your online life, but in order to fully take advantage of the opportunity that social media has to offer, you can't rely on magic - have to treat it like it's your job. The main point of a digital content

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