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How to Survive the Visa Process

1. Don't go to Italy. HA kidding. Kind of... I have friends who have recently studied abroad in a number of other places (Ireland, Australia, Japan... etc) and none of them have had as complicated of an application process. I'm not entirely sure of the other students' requirements, but for some reason everyone else I know has been able to just apply online and register as a resident with the government once they've gotten there. It took my boyfriend all of 10 minutes to get a four year student visa in the airport when he landed in Canada like a day before school started. Aside from the general entry requirements being different, there are a number of other issues with the Italian Consulate G

Non Funziona Parte Uno: Visas

I am about to give you the most important nugget of information you will ever get regarding Italy. Repeat after me: "non funziona." This means "it doesn't work." Remember this phrase because you will see and use it everywhere you go in Italy: when the roof of your Airbnb roof starts leaking, whenever the power surges or goes out, when airport, train, or Pompeii employees need an excuse to strike, and yes, throughout the entire, complicated and frustrating visa process. *fuori servizio = out of service You might think I'm kidding but I've actually experienced all of those things, so I've decided to preemptively start a regular segment called "Non Funziona: Things That Go Wrong in Italy." Sha

Mama Stubee's Quick Guide to Italy

My mom is the cutest and she put together this guide for some friends who are also going to Italy when I'll be there. It very briefly covers Venice, Florence, and Rome. I will definitely be blogging about my personal favorites when I go, but this has me thinking that maybe I should make my own scrapbook guide as well. Enjoy! #Italy

The end of an era... or is it?

Well, this is it folks, it's the end of an era. I've officially finished my second internship at Blue Line Arts. I had my exit interview at the Blue Line on Wednesday. I'll be honest, I was so scared? I always have this overwhelming feeling that I'm not doing enough or not getting through tasks fast enough or not understanding what I'm supposed to do. I think I just need to realize that if I'm doing my best, I'm probably doing enough and all this failure stuff is IN MY HEAD. More often than not, I'm doing as well as anyone else could. It turns out that the Co-Directors were actually really happy with the new call for artist and blog pages I made for the website. The blog page isn't live yet

Artist 2 Artist

Today I got to sit in on a social group for artists that we call Artist 2 Artist. Each month, our artist members are invited to join us for a conversation on some topic on the arts and how to thrive as an artist. This month's theme was CVs, Bios, and Artist Statements. We had a pretty good turnout this month, so I was able to get different perspectives from a lot of different artists. Without further adieu, here's what they had to say about this month's topic: The history of titles and artist statements according to some random artists: Apparently, there was a time when art went untitled and unexplained by artist statements. Then, the 60s and 70s brought about conceptual art. Viewers had a h

Membership Medley Madness

Install week madness! Again! This round is our Membership Medley Show, which is an annual exhibition we put on to showcase the work of our Artist Members. We have a LOT of members, so the gallery is absolutely packed with over 200 pieces of art. Since it doesn't have a strict theme, this exhibition brings in a lot of diverse media (this year we have some quilting, felting, mixed media sculptures...etc) and content. It's really exciting stuff and I'm a big fan of this years' selection, so I'm really looking forward to the reception and artist lectures. With that being said, the number of pieces makes this show a BEAST to organize. Poor Cara, our Gallery Coordinator, is drowning in work, so I

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