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Week 3 update??

I posted week 1 late so... sorry. Ahhh sorry for the late update! I've been a lot busier here than I thought I would be. SACI is kind of intense? Studio art classes are time consuming and we have a LOT of field trips - like one every weekend if you're up for it, plus class period field trips to museums and cultural events in the evenings. (Above is a picture of a walk on a field trip to Fiesole, to the right is a bad picture of a SACI gelato stroll with the assistant registrar, Taylor.) I'm kind of overwhelmed, but I kind of also appreciate that SACI makes it clear that they expect a lot out of us and that we're here for school (even if it is art school), while at the same time giving us amp

Benvenuto a Italy!

I can't believe that a week ago I was sitting in my kitchen at home in California thinking "wow, in a week I'm going to be in Florence living in an apartment of an undetermined location with an undetermined number of strangers." I couldn't even imagine having my visa by now, but thanks to all your hoping and praying and nearly filing a report with our senator (did you know you could do that??), I finally received it in the mail! Now, the longest day of my life and three flights later, I have finally made it to Italy. Here's a picture of me before those three flights, starting off with a good four hours of sleep. Once we landed in Florence, we were finally given our housing information and we

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